Center for Life

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To establish a supporting system in the Parish, following the model of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to Nourish, Cherish, Protect and Celebrate Life. 


To provide a platform for the parishioners to come together who have deep encounter with Jesus and have true inspiration to serve God and others, in order to bring the Joy of Life in the Parish and in the families. 


All activities are to provide Support for Life in all stages and states of life and to provide awareness about life. Bring the teachings of the Church to the grass root level, especially the teachings on life, theology of the Body etc.  

Some of the activities to start with: 

  • The first step is always to prayerfully discern the needs of each parish/mission. 
  • Identify the families need help during the pregnancy and post pregnancy period.[Text Wrapping Break]Arrange help with watching the older kids, help with cooking, and help with shopping groceries. Help with mental and spiritual support (be a family member when they don’t have anyone coming from back home to help and support them), Help with your presence (phone call/email/texting). 
  • Support if there is a medical emergency- Help with babysitting, Help with entertaining older kids, If the medical emergency needs hospitalization, they may need more help to take care of the kids, help in the hospital especially if the family doesn’t have any relatives. 
  • Support the family when there is a loss of beloved ones…. If a person whose father passed away is consoled by one who has already overcome the loss of his father, which becomes more effective. Such a fellowship could be facilitated by the Center of Life. People who have similar loses could come together and pray and that would be the best way of consolation each other.
  • Support youth in their learning of life. Mentoring the youth in the areas of life should one important concern of the center for life. 
  • Support for young adults who are getting married. The program implemented by the Archdiocese of Washington or Baltimore seems much acceptable and helpful. It is a mentoring where some families who are witnessing to our Lord through their family life are chosen to guide the couple who are getting married. Better we have a tie up with the English dioceses that have more resources to identify and help these young couples. 
  • Teaching/seminar on Theology of the body. 

Working Style: 

  1. All members who are willing to be a part of life center need to go through an orientation program.  
  2. Identify the people/family needs supports.   
  3. Life Center activities are implemented in consultation and under the guidance of the Pastor. Pastor should be informed about all the activities happening under the Life center. 
  4. Consulting our dear Lord (Prayer) is the most essential part before and after each activity. Less discussion and more prayer (If the group is discussing for an hour within themselves, then they should discuss with God for 2 hours). Payers could be Divine Mercy, Rosary Adoration, fasting etc. In short without the blessing of the Source of Life, there is no life activities carried out by the life center.  
  5. Members are encouraged to get the power from the Holy Sacraments. 
  6. All activities needs to be coordinated by the core members; but can be assigned to others. 
  7. Conducting seminars or life retreats and making the teachings of the church available to the parish. 

How to Start a Center for Life in your Parish/Mission: 

A Life retreat is highly recommended before we begin the life center. If that is not possible a study on the documents Evangelium Vitae, Donum Vitae and The Joy of the Gospel series is recommended. After the retreat or study, bring together group of people who are truly inspired to Serve Life.  The members should have an encounter with Christ (This is not just a social service), deep desire to serve church in the matters of life, well aware or have a desire to learn the church teachings and believe in it, matured in their actions and talk and an active member of the parish.  

Under the guidance of the Pastor they may come together and pray to identify the needs of their individual parish and how those could be met in the course of time. Nothing is established with in the blink of an eye. So a long term and short planning is necessary to reach the Vision of the life center.